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Take a good look in the mirror, what do you see? A reflexion of your origin, which is Africa inevitable. Now get some detergent and head to the bathroom, take a long bath, repeat step one; look at the mirror, did the colour of your skin changed?

Now read on.

I heard some black Americans insulted their origin (AFRICA) on instagram after a show in Nigeria where rapper J. Cole performed. Well am sure they forgot where the origin of black American community started from.

Let me play some tricks on your mind...

I'll remind them, black Americans or negros as they were called are Africans who were freed from slave trade back in the 80s. Haven fallen in love with some whites and intermarried, which then resulted to mix races (black Americans).

When I came across the beef between Black Americans and Africans I told myself, something is wrong somewhere. I mean its like biting the hands that fed you. I remembered Africa supported the fight against racism between the whites and the blacks in America. I wouldn't want to believe we were fools to support this move.

Now they call us names, they say we live on trees, some says J. Cole rubbed us, some even went ahead to say they don't know we own i-phones. This are people who looked up to us, who look up to African. "If 2pac were alive, he do be ashamed".

Well here is my word to them, am no racist, I love Black Americans, I love being black, am proud of Africa, am proud of Nigeria. You can say all you want, I don't care, but remember, you can never change the colour of your skin, even if you could, you can never change your origin!

African will rise, we will unite, and when we do, I will remind you of what you said to us.

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