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Don't get Caught up when she ask "Baby Whats your plans for today"

My phone rang twice, I was so busy, focused on the article displayed on the screen of my laptop. It was like 10:30am, beautiful Saturday morning. I had this research project I was working on for a client, so definitely I was busy.

Then the phone rang again!

Now I couldn't ignore, if they call three time, it means it was important. Reluctantly, i picked the phone with eyes still still fixed on the online article.

"Hello Baby, a sweet voice said on the phone" Dammm, i recognized the voice, as sweet as  usual!

9ja men most times get caught up when asked this question, baby, what's your plans for today? A hand full  of them respond by telling their woman the entire history for that day. Some will be like " well nothing much, I am going to do my laundry, eat, sleep, then go out for shopping, then come back home, maybe cook etc.

While I couldn't agree less that this was a wrong move, yet one  fact still remains that when a lady ask "Baby what's you plan for today? It means she either wants to hangout with you or she probably feels bored and wants to come over. Also, ladies are emotional, they want to be missed, they want to have a sense of belonging; that you include them in your schedule.

Not to worry, I was also the type that explain and tell my history when asked this question.

Back to the story...

Hello love!  How your doing and how was your night i replied

" it was cool, had dreams of you"

Wow, wonderful, still on the bed?

"Yeah baby, still rolling and thinking of how today is going to be" she went on... What's your plan for today baby?

So here it is, the trap... Then I started telling history and saying garbage.

"well nothing much, I began, I'll do my laundry, chill at home, maybe go out later."

She was like "so you don't have me in your plans for today."

Then I flip, realizing my mess-up, I tried covering up like a 9ja guy. "Come on baby, you know you are always in my plan each day, you don't need me telling you that na."

I later got to find out she was bored and wanted to come over.

Now here is the point, ladies are emotional and they tend to attach a lot of emotions to what you say, and how you treat them. So watch your statement and reactions.

You know for a minute I knew I lost my girl, cos of my answer to a simple question.

So don't get caught up, when she asks "what's your plan for today, know she want you, so you may as well include her in your plan.

I hope this idea helps someone in mending that relationship.

Am no love doctor, its just my idea...

Please share and help build the community.

Do check back as I would be writing more on relationship ideas on my next post.

Abel Wealth.

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