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Read closely this piece
Peace won't still the nagging storm
She's in-law not of nephew, of niece
Where I fit in this craft sworn
The eloquence of the pen with which she wields is without question the question that questions my mention, words unspoken
To open a vault, a circle or cult, bloodshed - whose fault? Teach me know if the cult would fault in consult the lot of jungle justice resident in a pot
Stir, repair I fear things may fall apart, the game in concert, like horses on a cart, I wonder yet again in fear my dear
So while we wait open your gate and let free your thoughts to roam, compute a literacy - Bill Gate, drive your ideas to fate and imagine beyond one late
I cannot still fathom the interregnum combine of the past that precedes the future, if chances are left fallow because your words breathe hollow.... follow.. discover but don't think one bit to recover what lays bare to uncover......

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