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I didn't see this coming. I didn't know what's brewing. It just suddenly turned dark the clouds above my head. A while ago it didn't look like this Sunshine was not the rain that should reign. Now light shower turns blessing as i lose count; one droplet, too many. Similar to mine but not my write up. It isn't a model I doctored. Served on a plate unbefitting of my status. A tailored design by detractors to pull me down the lever. Clothed but then this fever drives into me spined in my core. What is this I wore? A costume bought from what store...? As I jostle down the lane in interrogation I soon discovered how much of a set up it was the situation. And on this occasion THEY make me the victor when in reality I am a victim. Presented me with life trends. This speech isn't mine.

Could it be that we were both happy? She laughed on and I thought it was her usual. It didn't assume to be her last ... Oh Mum, caught this joke - FAST! She looks lifeless this image. From where I sit, the distance grows wider. I could feel it as she passes between worlds. Unknown to me - SHE IS GONE! Up and alert I run to find help. To prayer tents with hopes they'd pray her back. It is usually a last resort when understanding the world becomes stone aged. I thought I was thinking but in my search I was distressed. Whimpering and blurting, "Mama, this speech isn't mine. COME BACK I'm appealing!".

I got to the venue in time. Majestic as I brought down each step with confidence. I wasn't afraid of fear until fear hit me at the turn of the bend. I never liked a crooked lane. Not now, not ever! Something terrible lurks in wait. Something I couldn't tell my date. This truth is hard to flute. That i wasn't numbered to partake in the WRITE. Is that a better caption? Many hearts would break in disappointment. Bae's EYES would kill me the most. So I needed a quick speech BREAK and life put ideas in my head. Deep down as I recited the lines i wept for in essence this SPEECH isn't mine to PREACH!


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