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Source: WhatsApp group
How can we not be? Shouldn't we? I see fingers pointed this way but I am not perturbed in any way. Can you not imagine? The elite and their children. What they do with our monies. How they lavish it in spend and yet my neighbours fight over MONTHLY CONTRIBUTION.

BOSE : NO VEX! Na my turn to collect this month abeg.

FRANK : I know Bose but see reasons with me na. I just lost my father and I am the firstborn child....

BOSE : (sharply cuts in) Abeg abeg abeg, hollam dia! (Standing) No dey speak English for me! Na me say make your papa die? You know wetin don die for my own side?

ME : (observing)

ADAMU : (probing) Bose, Bose, wetin die for your side... Kibari don Allah....
BOSE : I no get Sugar Daddy, I no get boyfriend, I no get papa too and I no even get common aso-oke to use for my friend sister fiancee wedding next week...

NANA : ... Bose, see E don do. I understand you weller. I would have asked you to if you can, borrow him half of the #50k but I no go try am because na so Igbo people bi...

FRANK : (angrily) Nana, meaning what! What do you mean by that! Did I beg you for money?

NANA : Ohooooo! You have forgotten already. Because I have been taking it lightly with you since the demise of your father last week.

ME : (observing)

ADAMU : Guys please calm down. It hasn't gotten to this.

BOSE : Calm wetin.... Shey you wan make ah carry my money give person wey no go EVER pay me back abi?

FRANK : (shocked) Bose!!!

NANA : See FRANK or whatever your name is. It is not Bose you have to worry about, it is me NANA the ghetto Mama! Where is my money Frank!

FRANK : I didn't forget Nana, I will pay you back. Enough with the INSULTS already!

NANA : How long you have said that.

Now it is musicals in my ears. Almost going to 2 years. And you still have mouth to say I am insulting you right? Ah! You have mind! (snaps fingers) you will hear from me. Abeg, convener, i am already getting tired. Is this why we came here?

ADAMU : Not exactly, I wanted telling us that we should avoid threatening.......

I bow in disdain. In shame. I hide my face disgraced by my race. I am no story teller so forgive me. However, I am sure you caught the picture on 3d. This and many more are scenarios from the daily lives of a suffering population in Nigeria.

How they endure vigorous and rigorous situations in order to SUSTAIN survival.

Yet the RICH of my country gather a poultry of needy people and feed them with feeds from goods cost one penny.

It is not funny. I read recently a story about a Nigerian YOUTH in whose locker at home is found a substantial amount of dollar. I confirmed with a post shared on a WhatsApp messenger group - U11 (ALUMNUS) and it made me sick in my stomach. Looters and their children flaunting a lifestyle of uncontrolled affluence on shores of the WESTERN WORLD yet we are on GOVERNMENTAL platforms requesting aid from these same countries...

 Shouldn't we be humble and unadventurous? To me, it is adventurously unacceptable stealing from Treasury Coffers and yet seeking financial proffers from rich nationals of other countries in order to LOOT. And the circle goes on and on and on.

Little wonder my brothers daily travel to greener pastures a bread. Some favoured, others lucky while most fall into wrong hands.....citing the LIBYA situation.

Aren't we a joke to the international community?

We sure are! And yes, a WEEPING JOKE! One suffered of STROKE!
Isn't it appalling how Nigerians are perceived and treated outside the shores of their motherland? Forgive me, I think the question is: ARE WE BETTER TREATED WITHIN OUR HOME COUNTRY? Funny how we lack the expression of kind morals in-house but when OUTDOORS, we suddenly exude the innate moral of excellence yet unrecognized by the host communities we abide. They see us as the same now.

Who's to blame - the COWS? The BIAFRANS? The AVENGERS? APC, PDP, SDP and all the PEEs in a failed political party system? (Laughing hard it cracks me open) Wondering why I laugh? I laugh because, our status abroad knows not the ELITE or the POOR. It is a CONSTANT for EVERYONE so long as you are Nigerian because if indeed we have the ELITE amongst US, the elitist factor in us would drive towards a POSITIVISM CHANGE but what do I know. Most of them with their kids LOOT US daily even when our wells refuse to dry they plunge deeper. And the masses WATCH ON ONLINE in despair - miserly.


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