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It used to be PERFECT! It used to mean something when everyone minded their cause and NEVER cared to impose a doctored pose by poke nosing into our private lives. I remember. I remember the smell of the August breeze as it permeates my skin while I waited in the cold just outside the parking lot to steal you from their watchful eyes. Those eyes that still look at me as though I am not the right one for you. Those eyes being that of your parents. Lest I forget, your brothers do a great job still witch haunting me with searchlight visions. Smiled. I know you just did because even I reciprocated in this instant. Wonder why? Because we share ONE HEART!

Alas! Moments ago, duration in a couple of months calamity strikes so well a chord I once presumed lost. That sense of MUTUAL CONFORMITY that echoes into the night.... That dominion that got the animal kingdom bowing.... That union we once knew, a love NOW BROKEN.

And like a line drawn broken like sounds from a record player tape noise unspoken. A falling of the glass on the floor is broken. Our love, a life long we endured STANDS broken... Like the pain of needing us strongly awoken... Like the letters littered in flowers - my token. Shall we again mend to amend the end of hearts broken? Love is sacred when in the beginning this bond wasn't BROKEN! At this juncture, permit me to leave it here. I am inspired by he that messaged me to write this to you. His name is Richy Yung and together we engage your GOLD HEART in BROKEN LOVE!


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