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The bit i am about to share is CLASSIFIED! Only few would understand, mostly the male folk and a few from the opposite. The world we live in is Male dominated. Little wonder, movement for the emancipation of the "other sexes" have errupted like unhindered volcanos over time. Mind you, domination doesnt mean population. Domination simply means - PLACE ABOVE. Can you blame us? It was divinely arranged, God ordained even the Devil knew this order when he met Eve in the Garden of Eden and not Adam....#justSAYINGtho'#. So as not to derail from my focal destination, A MAN'S LIE stems on one tree having 4 branches:

1). To protect themselves.
2). To protect a Loved one.
3). To save a situation at a time.
4). To show we are all the same.

I am not by reason of this post justifying this unbridled habit however lets be frank. How many of US can handle the TRUTH???

God: Adam where are you?

Adam: I am hiding!

God: why are you hiding?

Adam: I am Naked!

God: Did you eat of the forbidden fruit?

Adam: Is it not the WOMAN You gave ....

The Man protected himself from himself... #so he thought#. Remember, EVE also did the same thing..... 



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