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So the doorbell rings and it is 4am in the morning. 

Yudy makes to see who was at the door - "who is there?" Silence greets the inquiry. Again, he asks but no one answered. As he turns to leave, a loud BANG is heard... This unsettled the TV a bit. He runs for cover. The banging grows while gunshots is heard from around and about the house. 

Breathing underneath his breath "dear Lord, shall I die today?" He questions himself, hoping for an answer from HEAVEN. Now the entire neighbourhood is in chaos. Screams and wailings is heard. 

What is going on? Could this be the end? Is this the much awaited event? I hope it isn't because... Just then a voice commands from the front of his door. Open this door now or else we would break it down. 

WE? "So it isn't just a man but an entire clan outside my door" he thought. What shall I do. His phone had gone off since the light was out. And the 30℅ that remained he had used up seeing a movie on YouTube. Sirens could be heard from a distant. 

"Oh thank God, there is rescue" as he makes to find closure he hears them murmuring. One distinct voice echoes distinctly in resemblance - Judes'. Could it be, could it not be that, OMG! He remembers the fracas that ensued two nights ago between himself and Jude. How Jude had made a threat to his life. 

How that Jude was a member of the Aye Cult and for what reason. Just because he stood in the way of an intending rape. Yes. Mary was clearly a victim. The prettiest JAMBITO on campus and indeed, daughter to a rich BASTARD who travels out of the shores of the country to engage in commerce as though he patronized a nearby ABOKI kiosk...."let's go guys, he just got lucky. 

Save the kill for another day". They hurried off into thin air. And Yudy is faced with a possible death warrant over his life. 

The police investigators had arrived and having sourced info from the neighbourhood and his neighbours, they arrive at his door. 

"This is the Nigerian police force, we request you opened the door" comes the voice from the rear. A bit unsettled, Yudy moves closer to peer through the window on the left hand side of the door to see the men in black khakis. 

"Identify yourself" his voice rings out to the men outside. "Sergeant Bako Yahaya of the Nigerian police force. Open the door please". Now the door is opened and he is asked to come make a statement at the Station

T B C...

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