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The President honours posthumously MKO Abiola, his run mate KingIbe who served as Minister in the Abacha regime after Abiola was nabbed I think as Minister of External Affairs but no one remembers to honour posthumously Abiola's wife - Kudirat whose head was totally mutilated by the BULLETS Rogers, Al Mustapha and his COHORTS stuck in her head to scatter upon orders from their dictatorial mogul - Abacha. No one remembers one NWOSU, the man who announced Abiola as the winner of the election on National TV even though he was severely beaten to stupor, his life in hand - LIVE because he pronounced Abiola to be the winner against all odds and against military battering. Might I add, he SURVIVED and is yet alive so there won't be need to posthumously remember him. He should have told the STORY best! Rather, NWOSU was called to come and witness the occasion. Offcourse he turned it down with the excuse he had other pressing issues slated for same day. This political game is very laughable... The feud between the Hausa's and the Igbos... when will it end! But tell me, who would in his right mind have accepted such a deceitful invitation? 

An invitation for ridicule. Not ME! Isn't this a good thing done by the president to satisfy political ego? Isn't this targeted at rubbishing the likes of Obasanjo and Babangida? Obasanjo being sworn in on May 29, 1999 (Democracy Day which is now a legacy up until the induction of JUNE 12) if I am not mistaken. And Babangida on the other hand, for not upholding Abiola's election in 12th June 1993.

So as to keep OBJ busy with no time to deliberate behind his back, PMB is posing threats to his life. OBJ is crying foul already and the story continues - a TRAGEDY!

Lastly, he has yet again cemented on marble his political ambition for another 4 years because GULLIBLE YORUBAS will VOTE him in yet again come 2019. This game is on.... Even some Christians will do same. All this talk about getting your PVC... lemme leave it there. As we pray and wait on God to do HIS Will, I am just on the flanks observing the play outs. God Bless Nigeria!


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