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OVER and OUT - Your Girl Friend Sure Loves Me

Image Credits - Adobe Stocks

SPEECH it in words, all around me litters letters. A confirmation it is for your knowing pleasure, I AM A BAD GUY and your girlfriends LOVE me. Constantly you go on a rampage to consistently paint me EVIL. And for what reasons....? Hush! That's a rhetoric. Guys are guys and girls, girls. Whichever sides to it you view it this TRUTH we knew it. But then, we are the subject of your OBVIOUS ridicule over the hundreds of years old lie about "women being the weaker vessels". So you bask in this notion for an hour ruminating as a flood blurs hot vision, for the task you yet perform - baseless and vague is without inform.

Called severally my kind to be mundane. Lost in a world only us understand is indeed torture. Constantly wish to be me but then wishes aren't horses so beggars won't ride jolly FREE. No deviations I can understand the sauced source of this deceitful folly. What problem do you have with us wording in HONEY when others dwell in the lofty robe of sugar-coats? Why molest the BAD GUYS when it takes naked BADNESS to survive in a world that knows EVERYTHING but good for the GOOD I ask, which is good? Who made you MINISTER to administer judgement on mankind? Who has told you a lie? Good girls love bad guys.... How does it concern you? You run lips over an affair that is beyond you. A bad guy as against your fluidity in word dexterity, doesn't mean we are useless and JOBLESS, it only means we are strong enough to be moulded by LIFE against all odds. Perhaps the reason "they"......... RUSH!

How can you smear on the faces of unsuspecting victims of creative READERS the conjure of such an unpleasant deodorant just because you wish to paint the female folk better? Even the MINISTER OF INFORMATION who trades in lies can not tell a better lie than the ones you have uncovered in desperation for TRUTH. Research and re-SEARCH again to discover the BAD GUYS live longer citing Nigeria. Where are the GOOD GUYS in this sad tale phobia you spread all over? OVER and OUT!


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