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Thoughts roaming around these words may seem vague but TRUTH is never hidden within these worlds... However, it baffles my baffle how many today contend with fact in view of the imminent evidence of a passing. Leaving nothing. None is come with SOMETHING. Do they know this? Do they understand this when they take life too seriously? Do they not see that between life and the great BEYOND is a thin ROPE? PITIFUL! I wonder in bemused wonderment if life is to them what she is to me. A crown of thorns and a HEART of GOLD. She is a struggle yet them that struggle to keep her often lose her. You can't EAT your cake and have it so it's best you do to your neighbour what you'd love in return. Whether you smoke from a PIPE or from a hose, whether it's a stick of cigarette or a big fat Cuban cigar, when DEATH comes knocking, you can ONLY not delay UNANSWERED.

Though you seat on a throne or wander the slums. Though your wages are fat when mine is lack. Though you wear it ALL and adorn your body with desirable luxury that FITS while in that state of cursed penury I lay impoverished by the woes of a folding economy WE ALL WILL DIE!

You got a house but all I have in my name is the street. I sit in my ZERO to watch you on TV as the HERO. Amass wealth and KILL lives mindless of a tomorrow 6 FEET away from the beginning. Oh DEATH, be SINGLE enough to SINGLE me OUT! Tortured and mocked, locked up in the future I nurture to lick my wounds. Do you NOT remember the RICH MAN and LAZARUS? Time will tell, mourning will spell, HEAVEN or HELL, rung is this BELL - as the LORD lives, WE ALL WILL DIE!


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