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9ja Youth vs Imo State Governor Part 1

Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha
Image Source: Facebook
So some 9ja youths are not smiling at at the extravagant hosting of the winner of BBNaija 2018, Miracle. A youth took to social media to criticize and blast Imo State Government for what he felt was senseless spending of tax payers money.

Read what he wrote:

To show you that Nigerian Laziness is not only in the Youths, The Senates, The reps, The Governors, Otherwise what will Ike Ekweremadu and other senators be doing with BBN housemates?

Now In a society where Everyone is actually doing some good with time, will these people have to party with BBN housemates as if these BBN housemates just return from the moon or they won the world cup for Nigeria.

What profits has BBN generated to Nigerian Economy, or individual lives, its neither educative not profitable, its a legalise way of Ameboism.

Nigerian Leaders actually encourage Ameboism by what they are doing.

Rochas and Uche Nwosu honoring Housemates with welcome party ambassadorial posts,Ike Ekweremadu host Housemates, etc .

PMB was actually very Naive in identifying Lazy Youths, he did not see these do nothing politicians that surrounds his throne.

Non of these things will happen Under My Watch! 

Hmmm, take it easy my brother...

Do you think he might have gone too far, or can his expression be justified?

Lets share ideas 9ja.

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