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Yes I know your in the twenty first
century, you can dress as you want, its your world, you can do whatever you feel like. Yet I asked, what happens to decency, modesty and humanity, doing the right things.

Now you get old, then your girl child turns into a prostitute, you blame who? Western influence? Maybe you forgot how you spent your youth and how you exposed your body in the name of fashion for the world to see, for men to leak their lick their lips in anticipated pleasure.

Am not against you looking good, yet look good in a good way. Unclad dressing doesn't make you stand-out, it only makes you stand-alone.

See I had this friend, (A Lady) whom I was checking out. You know what I mean, hmmm, don't ask me! You are 9ja, use your brain(s) lol.

She (the Lady friend) always get angry when I tell her I couldn't see her off each time she pays a visit. Well what can I say? You see my friend dresses to kill, tight geans, heavy make-up, and crazy hair styles.

I am not a fan of make-ups, I like tight geans though, hmmm who doesn't? Everyman admires a woman In tight geans especially if her backside is heavy and loaded, don't get it twisted, am 100% 9ja lol.

Another thing that puts me off with my friend is that, she also wears an ankle chain. I dislike ankle chains with passion. I mean, does she even know the origin of ankle chains?

Yes a lot of ladies wear it for fashion nowadays, but I tell you, ankle chains represents different symbols. Maybe in my next post I will write on; "THE SYMBOLIC PREFERENCE OF ANKLE CHAINS". Let's head back to the story.

So most times I make excuses not to see her off when she leaves, this really breaks her heart. As 9ja custom demands, you have to see a lady off when she visits, yet I randomly see my friend off. You know the reason? It's because of the way she dresses and exposes herself.

* When you dress cexy, also know that you'll only attract men who want to have cex.

* A real man would not marry a girl who exposes herself, go unclad in the name of fashion.

* You can dress to kill, but don't kill when you dress lol

* Watch what you wear, find out what symbol they represent, don't just wear certain rings, bracelets, ankle chains etc because you see others wearing them.

*Stay clean, use protection (CD) if you must get down.

Life's too short, I need you to stay alive so you can read more of my post.

Just my little idea...

Endeavour to check back as I will be writing on the SYMBOLIC PREFERENCE OF ANKLE CHAINS

Signing out!

Abel Wealth

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