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She is only 15. Put in the family way. Abused by her family's Landlord. Pregnant. She is sent out the house. With no money, no food, no shelter. Her and the baby on her inside. Barren with confusion, seated by the stadium. Many passed but no one cared to ask why except this angel.

The angel in human, blessed her with her presence for it was a "she". Solicited to meet with her parents only to discover she lived with her stepmother. Her mother submits that JOY her daughter is wayward and stubborn. Tell me, are most teenagers not? More saddening is the fact that Joy's mother refused to let her stay on the grounds that she'd steal her boyfriend. Believe me Joy's mother is beautiful but Joy is a GODDESS! An average woman would do the same.

So Joy is left alone in a world of her own. But for the Angel, she would not be in custody of a Catholic Church up town. Since being rejected by all, God wasn't .... That is where God likes to begin. We hope the church took care of her. We hope she births the baby. The Landlord threatened Joy never to tell anyone he is responsible or else she'd meet her untimely end.

This was a PROMISE! Although she revealed it to her STEPMOTHER after much pressure, HER REWARD was an ACCUSATION with the intent of kindling a fall out with their "RESPONSIBLE LANDLORD".

If i was to give title to the above, it sure would be PANDEMONIUM. Daily, bad things happen and the peoples of the society that bear the brunt are mostly women and children. In this case, the teenager is yet a child. Terrible how that the society assumes blind eye to the menace inherent within neighbourhoods. Isn't it disturbing how she sits there alone pregnant with out anyone showing support and care. You would agree with me that you are not the only one plying that route yet you stopped when you saw a need and went out of your may to try to meet the need. God must MEET you at the point of your NEED too.

Imagine if nobody with a free mind engaged her and she fell in the hands of ritualists? Imagine what celebration these dejects would have. Imagine how wasted the life of a young girl and child would be. Your efforts are not little and although I am not pleased with the testimonies about Joy, I cannot readily accuse with my pointed finger. Who would blame her? A product of a broken home. Mother living with her boyfriend and scared her daughter will be a burden and threat. Father married to another woman who off the record, may maltreat the girl and not pay close attention to matters concerning her well-being. Father who is insensitive to the plight of happenings in his family. I doubt the credibility of his responsibility.

 I envision he is one who spends all his PENNY in a COMPANY that breeds ONLY gamblers, the LOW-LIFERS with NO FUTURE AMBITION (NFA).... You have done your deed. The feedback from you I beg to read.

With this ink I speak


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