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The alarm clock crow like a cock in the morning, I jumb out of the bed, took out my watch, it's 6:30am, I cursed for some minutes then lay down again. Gush! Another day is breathing, as I strech out on my bed, I imagine how the day is going to be. The traffic jam on the road, the burning sun, erans from my boss, phone calls from clients, hmmm, how I wish for a new Nigeria.

Where we won't have to wake up early just to beat the traffic on highways. How I wish for a new Nigeria.

Where Youths wouldn't struggle for employment. How I wish there was a New Nigeria.

Where we have good roads, electricity, health care, and we won't have to go to other countries for countless medical trips, lavishing tax payers money on medical vacations. How I wish the elders could allow the youths build a new Nigeria.

Where recircled and acade leaders would give way to fresher generation with positive energy, vibes and digital mentality.

Yes we travel to other countries at the expense of our lives.

Yes we risk it all trying to cross the Mediterranean sea.

Yes we get sold into slave trade and prostitution in a bid to get greener pastures.

Still they call us Lazy.

Now elections are around the corners, my heart bleeds for my country Nigeria.

The greatest country in the world.

The richest country in the world.

Even if this piece don't get read by anyone, am at peace with myself, cos I know the youth will arise to say no to recircled and acade leaders.

The time is now, go get your PVC!

Abel Wealth

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