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A burning desire to rewrite the world in an ideal manner. To rework existence and present it in meaningful words. To exert CHANGE not by force but through spilled ink from a pen. To become a custodian of history evidenced in the stories that daily tell.

And if with this BURNING DESIRE I achieve these, I wonder what it would be if YOU were the fuel in my DESIRE. I wonder what I'd write... I sure would write HEAVEN here on EARTH!

It is like a mastermind. A MASTER of MINDS. Mind you, my mind is aligned to refine mode. Such as I now scribble to words in THOUGHT, in mind to mind; your find is not in my kind - you mind? I believe I am called to do this. Maybe not born for it. You see it takes time and practice. I thought you knew this. Inspiration it is. Perspiration premised. Time and Tide stand promised. With nothing left in compromise. Reveal the best in you, travel the world in your eyes through. And YES you are a selfless soul, when inspired to write a GOAL!!!


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