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The beauty of pidgin English

A Warri mum called her son Ochuko on phone;

Ochuko: Hello maleee

Mum: Ochuko, that meat & fish don boil?

Ochuko: Yes oo malee

Mum: Abeg implicate salt & maggi,
*then attach oil,onions ,pepper. As e de hot sentence the crayfish and other small small fish dem to death...like say after 3minutes involve the leaves and humiliate the pot with cover...
10 mins gbagan, discharge the pot from fire. .....You dey hear me so?

Ochuko: all correct!  malee ... shuoo malee, this food go good to download with Eba o!

Mum: No worry, I don already detain some fufu for cooler... when time reach we go give dem final judgment.

Enjoy the rest of your  week

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