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As sure as hell is and HEAVEN lives eternally I make to letter to my latter. For the candles lit that burn deep six feet... For the beautiful faces I daily meet... For the verses in the songs I write, 6 in 3 weeks and for the essence of a life, LIFE births within me, when told my tale it MUSTN'T be COLD.

Again I beg to speak to my latter self. No shelf can shelf this gift. So you see how far you've come "all thanks to me" is planned not in disbelief. You drive those cars and dine with close pals lest you lose the vision, let it remind you - the scars. I got them for your sake. This promise don't break. Turn RIGHT and NOT left, unsaid are those LEFT. And remember to note that it takes a heart bold when this tale is told it MUSTN'T be COLD!

I wink at you in near disbelief the man you've grown to become. I hope they see it in your eyes the hustle, the tears and the sleepless nights that trail through your fears. I hope they know that sacrifices were made sometime today now your time reads yesterday. I hope you don't forget to mind your UBET (life-partner) she deserves your love no regrets. She makes your meals and care for your seeds do well to compliment when needed. And together, grow in this knowledge, nurture under tutelage these ones - 2, 3 or 4 close chapter. When this tale is told, it MUSTN'T be COLD!

The areas you are found wanting, mail back and I'll do something in order to regenerate your life. It is tough this year I believe in your year, you'll have a reason to spare BUT not in despair a SMILE. Again, when OUR tale is TOLD, be SURE it is hot NOT cold!


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