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From the cradle of fancy these feet stand
They belong to Nancy, hers' to command
She looks tough and hard
And YES she lives across my yard
The entire world is under six feet deep
No love felt, save but a weep

Now he yet kneels after the propose
She walks out on him not without purpose
He is but a VICTIM of LOVE in HATE
This innocent soul would PERISH to fate
Just there in the face of a crowd he kneels
One knee to the ground - pain feels
From a mile you could hear his HEARTBEAT greet
Broken and shattered, can't rise on his feet

She turns him down for his crimes
She turns him down for the rape
She turns him down for the injustice
He dealt her on short notice
She turns him down because he pierced
Her heart with a razor sharp blade
She turns him down for no care
Was shown by him in her despair
She crushes his heart with trailer tyres
Till now it is without repair
What is his fate - DESIRE meets with a stare

The irony of it
This man wasn't he
That caused her life such pain
This man isn't guilty
Kneeling there soaked in the rain
This man didn't commit the crimes
But his kind is to be blame
This man is the HEART to love
When she says "all men are the same"

It's a poem riddled in a story
From its stem, a lust for glory
He kneels till date badly injured
His condition - critical and NOT insured
In his eyes you find pure innocence
Suicidal he lives, what's the essence..?
Is there a HE when SHE is gone?
As an innocent SOUL is MANIPULATED.

#Inspired by Iler Ntuanar Yako Zeekoederh#

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